White Black Lives Matter Activist Steals Mic from Black Pete Buttigieg Supporter

Black Lives Matter protester
WBST, Screenshot/Facebook

Members of the South Bend, Indiana, black community stood up to support their mayor for president on Wednesday, but one white Black Lives Matter protester was not pleased.

The man, wearing a Christmas-themed Black Lives Matter shirt, denounced black South Bend Councilwoman Sharon McBride and others joining her for wearing “three-pieced suits and leather jackets” while claiming to represent the black community.

“Let her talk,” yelled one of the men gathered in the room to hear McBride speak.

One woman stood up and approached the protester, waving her cane before she was restrained by others in the crowd.

The protester seized the microphone from McBride and started yelling about whether she was properly representing the black community.

“What kind of nonsense is this?” he asked, before screaming and chanting, “This is a farce! This is a farce! This is a farce!”

The man was restrained and had the microphone taken from him, but was allowed to remain in the room.

“One thing you will not do with me is run me out of here,” McBride told the protesters as she continued her speech.

The video was captured on Facebook by local news station WBST:

McBride has vocally supported Buttigieg, even campaigning with him in South Carolina.

“A lot of things that you’re hearing on the national media and a small portion of people who are negatively talking, that’s their reality and maybe their truth, but my experience of being on the council has not been that,” McBride said during the campaign event.


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