Donald Trump to LSU Football Team: Democrats Are ‘Trying to Impeach the Son of a B*tch’

White House

President Donald Trump said Friday that Democrats are trying to impeach the current “son of a bitch” president despite all of his accomplishments.

Trump commented as he welcomed the Louisiana State University (LSU) Tigers to the White House for their football championship victory on Monday.

After the event, Trump said that he would take any of the football players into the Oval Office for a picture.

“You’ve had a lot of presidents behind the Resolute Desk, some good, some not so good,” he said. “You’ve got a good one now, even though now they’re trying to impeach the son of a bitch. Can you believe that?”

Trump commented that under his presidency the economy was booming and he had rebuilt the military.

The president praised the team effusively during their visit to the White House, congratulating them for their victory.

“The truth is with a great coach, an outstanding quarterback, and the entire team filled with heart and skill and hope and courage and passion and strength and an unbreakable will to win,” he said. “That’s what they have. … I don’t think they had a doubt about what was going to be happening.”

The president singled out LSU quarterback Joe Burrow, saying, “He’s going to be so rich. We call him ‘young Tom Brady.’”

Burrow thanked Trump for the praise.

“This is a moment that we’ll never forget. It was a great season, and this is a great way to cap it off.”


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