Elizabeth Warren Forces Chief Justice John Roberts to Read Question About His Own Legitimacy

Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren forced Chief Justice John Roberts to read a question during the impeachment trial on Thursday.

The question was directed to the House impeachment managers, and read:

At a time when large majorities of Americans have lost faith in government, does the fact that the Chief Justice is presiding over an impeachment trial in which Republican senators have thus far refused to allow witnesses or evidence contribute to the loss of legitimacy of the Chief Justice, the Supreme Court, and the Constitution?

During the trial, senators write down questions and provide them to Roberts, who is expected to read them aloud in the Senate chamber.

Roberts pressed his lips together after reading Warren’s question, but House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff actually stood up for Roberts.

“I don’t think a trial without witnesses reflects adversely on the Chief Justice,” he said, praising Roberts for having “presided admirably” during the trial. “I do think it reflects adversely on us. I think it diminishes the power of this example to the rest of the world.”

Warren’s question was just one more example of how some Democrats are using the questioning process to score political points and get attention.

Failed presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) used one of her questions on Wednesday to get Roberts to read a portion of the old Access Hollywood tape of Trump using crude language in 20015.


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