Fitton: Has the Impeachment Circus Reached Its Final Act?

Demcoratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (C), flanked by represetatives Jerry Nadler (L) and Adam Schiff (R), announces the team of House impeachment managers who will prosecute the case against President Donald Trump in his Senate trial
© AFP Brendan Smialowski

Will the nation learn anything from the spectacle of the Pelosi-Schiff coup cabal abusing the Constitution with their impeachment circus? As with the Judge Kavanaugh lynching, the impeachment of President Trump was always a house of cards built on abuse of power, distortions and dastardly lies.

The fact that the president has had to expend so many resources is terrible for the country. Schiff should never have been allowed to get a Senate trial. And every minute of every day wasted on this is a distraction from dealing with the issues we ought to be dealing with – like putting people who illegally spied on the President in jail or the Coronavirus emergency.

I discussed this with Lou Dobbs, and you can watch the interview here. Meantime, we are in court with dozens of lawsuits to uncover the terrible corruption behind the illegal spying and abuse targeting President Trump and our constitutional republic.

(Thanks to our friends at the Daily Caller, Judicial Watch is providing a feed of the trail so you can watch the proceedings directly. The live feed is available hereherehere, and here.)


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