Myanmar Anti-Coup Protesters Target Chinese Embassy

Wednesday saw the largest protests to date against the coup in Myanmar, despite a ban on large gatherings imposed by the military. Many of the demonstrators gathered outside the Chinese embassy in the city of Yangon and accused China of supporting the junta, or even using the junta as puppets so Beijing could take control of Myanmar.

YANGON, MYANMAR - FEBRUARY 17: Protesters wave flags and shout anti-coup slogans on February 17, 2021 in Yangon, Myanmar. Armored vehicles continued to be seen on the streets of Myanmar's capital, but protesters turned out despite the military presence. The military junta that staged a coup against the elected National …

Four Saudi Princes Detained and Investigated for Treason

Two senior members of the Saudi royal family were arrested on Friday and placed under investigation for treason. Two of their younger relatives were also detained in what observers portrayed as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman launching a pre-emptive strike against threats to his rule before King Salman bin Abdulaziz passes the crown to him.

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Fitton: Our Republic Is Under Assault

For almost four years now we have been busy uncovering the truth about the widest – and most destructive corruption in American history, the Deep State coup against President Donald Trump.

Tom Fitton Headshot