Elizabeth Warren Thanks Illegal Immigrants Who Helped Her Iowa Campaign

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 10: Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Elizabeth Wa
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Sen. Elizabeth Warren used her election night speech in Iowa to thank the illegal immigrants who helped her Iowa campaign.

“Tonight is for every undocumented, unafraid organizer and volunteer who proudly knocked on doors to let the world know that the path to progress runs through courage, not fear,” she said February 4 to applause from her pro-migration supporters.

Start at 11:00:

The illegal immigrants’ aid for Warren is rational because her immigration policy is promising a nationwide amnesty and a welcome for additional migrants:

Decriminalize migration and refocus enforcement on serious criminal activity. Entering the country without authorization has always been a violation of civil immigration law, but thanks to a former segregationist Senator, it’s also a criminal violation. This additional criminal provision is totally unnecessary for border security, and for a century, it was rarely enforced.

Raise the refugee cap. At a time when 70 million are displaced around the world, President Trump has abused his authority to lower the refugee cap for the United States, admitting just over 22,000 refugees in total last year. I’ll welcome 125,000 refugees in my first year, ramping up to at least 175,000 refugees per year by the end of my first term.

Warren’s shout-out was welcomed by Omar Parra, whose Twitter page features a Brazilian flag:

Warren is not the only Democrat who is being aided by migrants. NPR reported two migrants who are backing other Democratic candidates:

GREENE: Yeah. I mean, Denison has been far more diverse for years. It’s actually split 50-50 between whites and minorities. There are Latinos. There’s a Sudanese population. Alma [Puga], our guide, her family came from Mexico when she was a child.

PUGA: My dad had a friend that lived here. So he told him to come over here; there was plenty of jobs. And so we came.

GREENE … Bryan’s family emigrated from Mexico years ago. They run a little grocery store in Denison. Bryan remembers being in high school here in 2016. His government teacher would hold these debates in class, sometimes about immigration, and Bryan just didn’t like how some classmates spoke about immigrants.

GREENE: So Bryan Pena tonight is going to be caucusing for Bernie Sanders, and that makes our tour guide, Alma Puga, really happy. She works with LULAC – that’s the League of United Latin American Citizens – and she tries to mobilize Latino voters. The message is, if you want to control the destiny of a community like Denison, you’ve got to vote. Now, LULAC doesn’t endorse candidates, but Alma personally has been volunteering for Joe Biden. She likes his record on immigration.

For several decades, Iowa’s political and business leaders have welcomed the quiet migration of many illegals and refugees into their state, allowing the wholescale replacement of middle-class, well-paid American meatpackers with compliant, low-wage migrants.


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