Student Loan Company Sends Man 55,000 Copies of the Same Letter

Mailed-in ballots (Alex Edelman / Getty)
Alex Edelman / Getty

Dan Cain of Twinsburg, Ohio, received a rather unusual amount of correspondence from the company managing his daughter’s student loans.

Cain went to the Twinsburg Post Office to pick up mail waiting for him. When he arrived, it was easy to see why it had not made it to his home address: 79 bins, each holding around 700 identical letters from the College Avenue Student Loan Company.

While loan companies are known for their particular diligence in pursuing debts, this seemed a little over the top. “I was shocked,” Cain said. “Are you kidding me? Who makes that kind of mistake?” When read, Cain found another wrinkle. Not only were the letters all identical, they also used incorrect calculations for the payment due.

Despite the ludicrous nature of the situation, the post office did their duty. “The 55,000 letters that were delivered to the customer in Twinsburg, Ohio, is not something we see often,” said spokeswoman Naddia Dhalai. “However, the Postal Service is committed to providing the best customer service so every piece of mail we receive will be delivered to our customers.”

All told, it would have cost College Avenue Student Loan Company an estimated $11,000 to send the letters. The company has apologized to Cain, promising a new and correct statement. Cain just hopes this time they can do the job with just one letter. “I just hope it doesn’t happen again,” he said. “I might have to return to sender.”


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