Pete Buttigieg Deploys Canned Line in Spanish at Democrat Debate

Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg wedged in a few lines in Spanish in the Democrat presidential debate on Wednesday, as he came under attack  from presidential rivals.

The former South Bend mayor said that he stood up for the rights of illegal immigrants, even offering them a city ID card allowing them to access certain city services.

“We stood up for those rights and stood with members of our community with the message that they were as American as we are,” Buttigieg said, adding a phrase he has been repeating on the campaign trail in Nevada.

The translation of the line is, “We should tell Dreamers that we support them, and we understand that this country is your country too.”

Buttigieg was the only candidate who spoke Spanish in the debate.

Buttigieg’s response triggered Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who replied, “I wish everyone was as perfect as you, Pete, but let me tell you what it is like to be in the arena.”


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