Larry Kudlow at CPAC: Socialism, Not Coronavirus Will Sink the American Economy

Larry Kudlow at CPAC
Samuel Corum/Getty Images

White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow said Friday that socialism worried him more than the coronavirus when it came to the economy.

“The virus is not going to sink the American economy,” he said. “What is, or could, sink the American economy is the socialism coming from our friends on the other side of the aisle.”

Kudlow spoke about the economy with Ivanka Trump at CPAC as the stock market continued to lose value — down ten percent from its previous high.

“Right now everyone is focused on the coronavirus and I was on the air this morning suggesting that the world was not coming to an end,” he said.

Kudlow acknowledged that the stock market was suffering but said he continued to be optimistic about other numbers in the economy.

“You might think about buying the dip,” he said.

He also praised the success of the American health system, thanks to a free market system.

“We’re in good shape, and it just goes to shows you what a country with freedom can do with public health,” he said. “We have the finest public health system in the world.

Socialism, he said, was the “biggest fear” he had for the United States, but said that he was ready for the fight in 2020.

“I am perfectly happy to have a socialist candidate so we will have it out,” he said. “President Trump is more prepared to show the world why what he called in Davos, Switzerland, the American model of free enterprise will whip socialism every time, hands down.”


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