Problems Across Super Tuesday States Have Sanders Supporters Fearing a Rigged Election

Sanders surges to double digit lead: poll

Long lines, voting machine issues, and reports of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) appearing on the second page of some ballots have Democrat voters nationwide, particularly supporters of Sanders, feeling as though the deck is stacked against their candidate yet again.

Reports of disorganization and frustration are bubbling as polls close across the 14 states holding primary elections, particularly in Texas, which is offering a trove of delegates, 228, to the presidential hopefuls. Recent polls have shown Sanders and Joe Biden (D) neck and neck in the state. Concerns emerged Tuesday evening as voters took to social media to complain of long lines, broken voting machines, and the spread of election misinformation.

The Office for the Texas Secretary of State announced on Tuesday afternoon that it received reports of robocalls spreading “misinformation” about the primary election:

One user’s tweet went viral, allegedly showing that Sanders’ name is missing from the first page of the ballot in San Diego County:

Others took to Twitter to report issues with voting machines and long lines in Texas, California, and Tennessee:

Reports also surfaced this week of the Lone Star state closing “hundreds” of polling stations in black and Latino communities. While the Guardian, which reported the happening, describes it as a phenomenon that will benefit Republicans, it could also cause concern among Sanders supporters, who were already suspicious of establishment efforts to quash their candidate, who performs particularly well among Latino voters:

Across the nation, incoming results showing Biden securing Virginia and North Carolina — after weeks of a campaign on the political equivalent of life support —  appear to be affecting Sanders supporters’ psyches and renewing the mounting concerns of an election rigged against the socialist senator.

“BREAKING: @MSNBC & @maddow just reported that multiple “senior officials” within the Democratic Party are interfering with the primaries to stop @BernieSanders,” Black Lives Matter activist and Sanders surrogate Shaun King said Tuesday evening.

“They reported that the party has asked Bloomberg to drop out so that Biden would have an easier time against Bernie,” he added:

“So bullshit. I’m not a @BernieSanders fan by no means but this is rigged,” one user wrote following NBC’s projection of Biden winning North Carolina.

“Only mere SECONDS after polling closing Joe Biden WINS VA, when Bernie Sanders had over a 5% win over Biden lasat [sic] week?” another asked. “Sorry Bernie supporters the DNC has rigged your election AGAIN. WHY do you STILL support them when YOUR VOTE doesn’t matter?”

“The establishment rigged this for Biden. Bernie has been in the lead there in all the polls. Cheating is happening,” another added.

Many supporters were already on edge following the flood of endorsements Biden received in the day leading up to Super Tuesday — support from Pete Buttigieg (D) and Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), among others.

As of 8:00 p.m. ET, Sanders was the projected winner of Vermont, with Biden securing North Carolina, Virginia, and Alabama.

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