Pledged Elizabeth Warren Delegate Plans to Support Bernie Sanders

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

A Democrat delegate pledged to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) announced on Wednesday that he is now backing Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), praising the Massachusetts senator but explaining that he cannot “in good conscience support an unrealistic, undemocratic plan to win a brokered convention.”

Paul Newell, a Democrat District Leader for Assembly District 65 (covering the  Lower Manhattan and the Lower East Side) announced on Wednesday that he will no longer be able to back Warren’s presidential bid.

“I am endorsing @BernieSanders for President and encourage my fellow @ewarren supporters to join me,” he said, describing it as a difficult decision but adding that Sanders provides the only realistic path “to the big, structural change that Warren champions.”

He praised Warren as the “best candidate for President I have seen” but said he cannot “in good conscience support an unrealistic, undemocratic plan to win a brokered convention w/o a significant bloc of delegates.”

“Fortunately, there’s another candidate promising big, substantive change. @BernieSanders has done more to advance the progressive policies that @ewarren champions than anyone in my life,” he continued, praising Sanders for inspiring a “generation.”

“Anyone committed to economic & social justice must now see that he’s our candidate,” he stated. “The time has come for @ewarren & supporters to suspend her campaign and join Sanders”:

Newell’s call follows political angst within the Democrat Party, particularly among establishment Democrats, Sanders supporters, and Warren supporters. Many Sanders supporters have expressed frustration over Warren’s refusal to drop out of the race and throw her weight behind Sanders ahead of Super Tuesday. They believe that action could have nullified the effect of the endorsements Joe Biden (D) received a day prior to the Super Tuesday.

While some Warren supporters have remained steadfast, even chalking up her loss to sexism, the presidential hopeful is reportedly reassessing her campaign.

Sanders confirmed he spoke to Warren over the phone on Wednesday.

“What Sen. Warren told me is that she is assessing her campaign. She has not made any decisions as of this point,”he told reporters, noting the importance of giving her the “time and the space that she needs to make her decision.”


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