Jobs Creators Network Calls Out Millionaires Pelosi, Schumer for Blocking Legislation to Help ‘Ordinary Americans’

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer (Aaron P. Bernstein / Getty)
Aaron P. Bernstein / Getty

Job Creators Network, a nonpartisan free-market and advocacy group for entrepreneurs, issued a statement on Sunday denouncing the Democrats for blocking a relief bill that would help millions of Americans hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak.

“The Democrats put partisan interests ahead of what’s good for the nation by blocking the cloture vote this evening to proceed on the CARES Act,”  Alfredo Ortiz, president and CEO of the network said in a statement. “Millions of small businesses and employees around the country need the relief that this bill offered.”

“Small businesses will know who is to blame for holding up the loans and grants they require to stay operational and pay their employees,” Ortiz said. “April 1st is right around the corner and in the real world that is when rent, car, and mortgage payments are due.” 

“Ordinary Americans need the checks that the CARES Act would provide now, not a month or two from now,” Ortiz said in the statement. “Millionaires like Pelosi and Schumer obviously don’t need to worry about these concerns facing their constituents.”

“It’s time they stop playing chicken with the livelihoods of millions of Americans just so they can stick it to Trump,” Ortiz said.

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