PA Consignment Store Owner: How Can Walmart, Target Still Sell Kids Clothes, I Can’t?

Matt Perdie / Breitbart News

A Pennsylvania consignment store owner who had to lay off her employees as a result of the economic shutdown wondered why big box retailers are able to sell children’s clothes while she was forced to shut down, telling Breitbart News that stores like Target and Walmart “shouldn’t be allowed to sell kids clothes if I can’t.”

Brittany Allen, owner of Fashion Cents Consignment in Strasburg, Pennsylvania, said she employs 35 to 40 people but had to lay them off on March 16 as a result of the economic shutdown. She applied for a waiver to do small party shopping and curbside pickup but was ultimately denied.

Allen, who attended Monday’s protest in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, said:

It was all very quick. I didn’t really have time to prepare my employees about what was going to happen. We had to lay everybody off. I had some money saved up, but I had a mortgage, and I had, you know, electric and utilities to pay, and I didn’t have any way to keep anyone back on payroll. And it was really rough for everybody.

“We will be able to recover but it is going to be hard,” she added, calling it a “horrible situation for everybody.”

Allen said her shop has always been a growing and profitable business and questioned the governor’s decision and the inconsistency, particularly in regards to big box retailers selling children’s clothes.

“Why can’t we open businesses safely? Wy can’t I do small party shopping? Why can’t I do curbside? It doesn’t make any sense. Why is Target and Walmart allowed to sell kids clothing when I have to be shut down? It’s just not right,” she said.

“Target and Walmart shouldn’t be allowed to sell kids clothes if I can’t,” she added.

“The big box stores are going to be ok, you know, they’re going to end up ok over this, and small businesses are going to have to close,” she warned.


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