Army Reserve Picks New Commanding General: Maj. Gen. Jody J. Daniels

_FORT McCOY, WI - MG Jody J. Daniels official photo.
U.S. Army Rerves

The Army Reserve has officially put forward a name for its next commanding general — Maj. Gen. Jody J. Daniels.

Daniels is currently the top commanding general for the 88th Readiness Division, where she oversees the services and base operations support to Army Reserve soldiers.

She was picked by outgoing commander Army Lt. Gen. Charles Luckey, who is retiring this summer. He took over the job in 2016.

The nomination was formally forwarded to Congress earlier this week for confirmation.

A 2017 Fayetteville Observer article noted that Daniels was one of about 26 full-time female generals serving in the Army and one of two female two-star generals serving at Fort Bragg at the time.

The article said during a Women’s History Month event, Daniels spoke of “female firsts, barrier breakers and ceiling shatterers” and the “thousands of females who honor our Army day in and day out with their quiet — and sometimes loud — but always steady service.” She said at the event:

It’s no secret that women play a vital role in today’s Army; they are the soldiers on the front lines; they dominate the skies as pilots and aircrew; they drive our trucks, fix our tanks, build our rifles, care for our wounded, train our recruits — you name it. The list is endless.

They are leaders all, officers and noncommissioned officers alike, standing with our troops; they are members of the U.S. Army civilian corps, as well as employers, spouses, mothers, sisters and daughters who are critical members of our Army team.

Daniels has spent more than 33 years in the active and Reserve force with military intelligence, civil affairs, and training units, according to the article.


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