Franklin Graham on National Day of Prayer: ‘We Need Wisdom and Help from God’

FILE - In this March 2, 2018 file photo, Pastor Franklin Graham speaks during a funeral service at the Billy Graham Library for the Rev. Billy Graham, who died last week at age 99 in Charlotte, N.C. Graham has denounced the impeachment investigation of President Donald Trump, but this week …
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Rev. Franklin Graham said on Thursday’s National Day of Prayer that, in a time growing anger and frustration in the nation, “we need wisdom and help from God” and must ask Him to grant “wisdom, peace, strength, humility, and fortitude” to President Trump.

“Today on the National Day of Prayer, our nation continues to face the storm of the coronavirus pandemic,” Graham wrote on social media.

“As our leaders struggle with how and when to open up the country, there is an anger growing among many in the workplace. We have protests, arrests, and dissent. We have much debate and disagreement among the experts,” he continued.

“We need wisdom and help from God,” he added. “Pray for President Donald J. Trump, that God would give Him the wisdom, peace, strength, humility, and fortitude needed to do the job God has called him to do”:

Today on the National Day of Prayer, our nation continues to face the storm of the coronavirus pandemic. As our leaders…

Posted by Franklin Graham on Thursday, May 7, 2020

Graham also quoted 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 –“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you” — and affirmed that he believes “in the power of prayer”:

Other notable figures offered their thoughts and encouragement on the National Day of Prayer, including First Lady Melania Trump and President Trump’s reelection team.

“As Americans of all faith turn to prayer, this #NationalDayofPrayer reminds us of the grace of God & the importance of faith, family & loved ones in our daily lives,” the First Lady said, asking Americans to unite and “pray to protect and give strength to those who are serving on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic and provide comfort to those who have lost loved ones”:

@FLOTUS / Twitter

“On this National Day of Prayer, Americans reaffirm that prayer guides and strengthens our great Nation,” the Trump campaign wrote. “America is one Nation under God!”:

“In the midst of difficult times, our nation has always turned towards the power of prayer,” the GOP said. “Today, we unite as a country, and pray for all who have been affected by COVID-19”:


Graham, the Samaritan’s Purse President, has been consistent in urging the nation to pray as it battles the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

“I pray that God would protect us, and God’s hand would relieve us from this pandemic. This is a very serious situation, and we need God’s help,” he said during a Fox News appearance ahead of Easter weekend.

“Jesus Christ came to save sinners. He didn’t come to condemn the world but to save the world. And if we’ll put our faith and trust in Him, He’ll forgive our sins, and He’ll heal our hearts, and He’ll change the course of our lives,” he continued.

“This pandemic — this is a result of a fallen world, a world that has turned its back on God. I would encourage people to pray,” he added. “Let’s ask God for help.”


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