Donald Trump: Widespread Vote-by-Mail Will ‘Destroy this Country’

© Jason Redmond/AFP via Getty Images Matthew Guerrero, 22, of Des Moines, Washington wears a bear mask as he drops off his presidential primary mail-in ballot in person at King County Elections in Renton, Washington, March 10, 2020.
Jason Redmond/AFP via Getty Images

President Donald Trump at the White House on Tuesday continued to berate Democrats for pushing vote-by-mail, despite concerns about voter fraud.

“We’re not going to destroy this country by allowing things like that to happen. We’re not destroying our country,” Trump said during a press conference on Tuesday afternoon. “This has more to do with fairness and honesty and, really, our country itself.”

He warned that activists could steal ballots out of mailboxes, print off their own ballots and sign them, and send them or even double count them.

“People take them where they force people to vote,” he warned. “They harvest … They take many, many ballots, and they put them all together, and then they just dump them, and nobody has any idea whether they’re crooked or not.”

Trump said he was fully supportive of someone getting an absentee ballot if they were in another state or had a medical condition, but warned about California sending millions of ballots through the mail.

“Millions. To anybody. To anybody. People that aren’t citizens, illegals,” he said. “Anybody that walks in California is going to get a ballot.”

Democrats claim that vote-by-mail in November is essential for protecting citizens during the coronavirus pandemic. But as Breitbart News has reported:

Recent data has not shown a compelling public health justification for vote-by-mail. Wisconsin is one of the only U.S. states that held its primary election with in-person voting after the nation’s coronavirus lockdowns began. Only a few dozen people at maximum were confirmed to have contracted the virus after participating either as voters or poll workers, and none of those cases were fatal. Out of the 413,000 participants, that equals an infection rate below two-hundredths of one percent. Just days later, South Korea held national elections which did not result in any new coronavirus cases.

Trump said that mail-in voting would produce a “rigged system” of voting in the United States.

“When you do all mail-in voting, ballots, you’re asking for fraud,” he said.

Trump said he would continue to defend the current voting system, requiring Americans to present themselves at a polling station to vote.

“Voting is a great honor. And people love to go out and vote, and I want to keep it that way,” Trump said. “And if we don’t keep it that way, we’ll have nothing but a rigged system in this country, and we can’t do that.”


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