Watch: WGN TV Truck Destroyed with ‘Shovels, Bats, Pipes, Bricks’ as Chicago Cops Stand Down

People confront police officers during a protest over the death of George Floyd in Chicago
Nam Y. Huh/AP Photo

Rioters took turns tagging and attacking a WGN TV truck in downtown Chicago as mounted police stood down.

The truck was stationed near the Chicago River, and freelance reporter Jonathan Ballew livestreamed as agitators damaged the vehicle.


Several wrote “Fuck 12,” which means “Fuck the Police.”

Ballew asked a masked bystander if he “disapproved” of the destruction, and he said he didn’t.

Moments later, a rioter savaged the hood of the truck with a crowbar. Another climbed on top.

Mercy wasn’t spared for a city Department of Transportation vehicle.

Ballew filmed one man repeatedly hitting the windshield with a shovel. Someone threw an office chair on the hood.

The van was also tagged with “Fuck 12,” and its lights were smashed out.

Minutes later, the WGN truck actually drove away.

Ballew said the vehicle was “destroyed with shovels, bat, pipes, bricks.”

Toward the end of the video, a line of unfazed mounted police were seen yards away in a nearby intersection.

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