Delingpole: ‘Climate Catastrophe Is White Supremacy’ Explains NASA Scientist

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Climate change is a product of white supremacy, a NASA scientist has claimed on Twitter.

Dr Kate Marvel, associate research scientist at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York, tweeted to her 41,000 followers that:

Climate justice and racial justice are the same thing, and we’ll never head off climate catastrophe without dismantling white supremacy

As Marvel says in her Twitter biography “Views do not reflect the positions of my employers…”

Then she spoils it by adding: “(but they should)”

Should they though?

NASA GISS is a taxpayer-funded institution whose job it is to provide reliable, unbiased information on matters like climate change.

But Marvel, to judge by her tweets, is at least as much a political activist as she is a scientist.

Here is another of her recent observations:

As Marc Morano reports at Climate Depot she has a track record of political activism:

In 2018, Marvel ( replied “DAMN RIGHT” when she tweeted out a Newsweek article titled: “Science Should Be A Feminist Institution.”

According to a 2018 article at Think Progress, “Marvel said she admires what Ocasio-Cortez and the Sunrise Movement activists are doing with appeals to support a Green New Deal.” According to Marvel: “What I do admire about that is the fact they are using new language. It’s not just, ‘Look at the sad polar bear,” Marvel said. “This is not talking about climate change like it’s this isolated issue. It’s talking about it in the context of all these other things that people care about. And I think that’s absolutely the right way to look at it,” she said.

Marvel is not the only NASA scientist who appears to find left-wing politics more compelling than dispassionate science.

Here is another NASA climate scientist explaining how ‘climate justice and race justice are one and the same’.

Peter Kalmus – who tweets under the name @climatehuman and has pre-emptively blocked me, presumably to discourage me from writing stories about his drivel – is a climate scientist at a NASA jet propulsion lab.

As Morano reports he recently tweeted that:

“Here’s why race justice and climate justice are one & the same: The oppressive extractive plutocracies that colonize and kill black bodies and colonize and kill our planet are one and the same.”

Morano adds:

Kalmus ( was responding to the protests and riots springing up across the country in the wake of allegations of racism in law enforcement. Kalmus added: “They’d literally rather have a race war than charge even one cop for murdering an innocent black man.”

Even if Kalmus has a point [Narrator’s voice: he doesn’t], it is surely a little worrying that government employees in the field of science are so blinkered by ideology that hard-left politics bleed even into their field of supposed expertise.

Race justice and climate justice are one and the same. Really? And has this been proved conclusively through observation and reproducible experimentation?


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