Joe Biden Snaps when NAACP Claims Young People ‘Concerned’ by Policing Record

NAACP / Facebook

Joe Biden lost his composure when a moderator from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) claimed some “younger people are concerned” about the candidate’s positions on policing.

Biden snapped at Ed Gordon during a forum on Tuesday when Gordon said he received some emails from people who say because Biden wrote the 1994 crime bill, that he “wouldn’t be able to steer” his way past “traditional policing” and that he favors more of a “hard line” strategy.

“What do you tell them?” Gordon asked.

“I tell them it’s not accurate,” Biden responded.

Moments later, Gordon revisited the issue and Biden grew testy.

“If you said that they were wrong in thinking that, that is their feeling, so give them a sense—” he continued before Biden cut him off.

“No, there’s no evidence— No, that’s not true! Show me a poll that says that!” Biden yelled.

“I didn’t say any poll,” Gordon corrected.

“No, you said they think!” Biden shouted.

“I said to you— Mr. Vice President, you’re going to have to listen. I had an email from a couple of young people. I didn’t mention a poll,” Gordon said, as Biden backed off.

“I said that was their concern,” Gordon continued.

“It’s a legitimate concern. They should be skeptical,” Biden said, changing his tone.

“But the idea that somehow— I’ve been told all along how young people don’t think that I’m in the right spot, the right place; there is no polling evidence to sustain that, nor is there voting evidence thus far to sustain that,” Biden said, before inviting people to look at his record.

“Show me. Watch me. I’m listening. Watch what I do,” he said.

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