Donald Trump: Saturday Night Live Now ‘Mean-Spirited’ DNC, Not Funny

Saturday Night Live

President Donald Trump on Thursday said that NBC’s Saturday Night Live was no longer funny during his presidency, asserting that it was more “mean spirited” and partisan since he beat failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016.

“I really don’t watch it anymore. I don’t find it funny. Rarely I find it funny,” Trump said. “I find it very mean spirited. I find it a DNC affiliate.”

The president commented in an interview with his son Donald Trump Jr. for a campaign livestream event.

Trump said even though he was proud to host the program in the past, Saturday Night Live had changed.

“I don’t think it’s a good show. I don’t see a lot of talent,” he said.

Trump said that comedian Darrel Hammond did a great job impersonating him but that Alec Baldwin was “terribly untalented.”

“Darrell Hammond was great. They used to have Darrel Hammond. That was great,” Trump said.

Trump said the show had become more partisan in recent years.

“There’s nothing funny. It used to be a funny kind of thing, and it’s just nothing going,” he said.


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