Harris: Trump ‘So Deeply Biased,’ ‘Uninformed,’ He Couldn’t Be on a Jury

Thursday on MSNBC, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) said President Donald Trump was too biased to be on the jury in the case of the Atlanta police officers being charged and presumably tried in the death of Rayshard Brooks.

Host Joy Reid said, “I have to start by asking you, as a former prosecutor, how do you react to the charges we saw filed in dramatic fashion against these two police officers, one of whom is charged with felony murder in the killing of Rayshard Brooks?”

Harris said, “Well, I have to applaud the prosecutor, Paul Howard, who from day one, from the day of the incident, I recall, seeing him make statements that he was going to take the case very seriously, that he would move swiftly, putting all of the resources at his disposal into it, and clearly that’s what he did. I applaud that. This is part of what is being demanded on the streets of America and 50 states where people are marching, is that there be justice, and that equal justice under the law. So that’s where we are. I applaud the swift and serious attention that he gave it.”

Reid said, “I want to let you listen to what Donald Trump, he is sort of emoting about what he thinks about this case. Here he was on Fox News.”

In a clip, Trump said, “The event that took place yesterday, I thought it was a terrible situation, but you can’t resist a police officer, and you know, if you have a disagreement, you have to take it up after the fact. I hope he gets a fair shake because police have not been treated fairly in our country. They have not been treated fairly. But again, you can’t resist a police officer like that, and they ended up in a very terrible disagreement.”

Asking how she would avoid a person thinking like Trump from getting on the jury, Harris said, “Well, one, through the process of voir dire, which is jury selection, we look for jurors and potential jurors who can put their bias aside. We look for jurors who approach any issue with reason and practical perspective.”

Laughing, Harris continued, “Joy, actually, I can’t even compare that to Donald Trump because he is so deeply biased, and uninformed, and, I mean, I just can’t even go through this exercise.”

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