Watch– D.C. Protesters Try to Set Up ‘Black House Autonomous Zone’: ‘You Are Now Leaving the U.S.’

Matt Perdie / Breitbart News

Protesters in Washington, DC, are attempting to set up their own “Black House Autonomous Zone” (BHAZ) as they clash with police after attempting to topple the Andrew Jackson statue in Lafayette Park hours earlier.

Tensions escalated in the nation’s capital on Monday evening as authorities thwarted an organized effort to topple the Andrew Jackson statue in Lafayette Park. However, the demonstrations did not end there, as protesters spent the evening attempting to set up and fortify their own autonomous zone, even spray painting “BHAZ” — seemingly modeled after Seattle’s CHAZ/CHOP — on the pillars of St. John’s Episcopal Church.

Breitbart News was on the scene as the situation continued to unfold late Monday evening. At one point, protesters moved barricades and fencing to establish their own perimeter. A wooden sign reading, “Black House Autonomous Zone” stood behind the makeshift barriers.

“We’re not hurting anyone!” one man shouted to authorities as demonstrators continued in establishing their “border.” “We’re protecting ourselves from you!”

One individual could be heard saying, “Welcome to the AZ. You are now leaving the U.S.”

Demonstrators in BHAZ have apparently set up their own temporary restaurant called, “Earl’s First Amendment Grill,” offering “free food for freedom fighters,” according to signs in the area.

BHAZ -- June 22, 2020

BHAZ -- 6/22/2020

BHAZ -- 6/22/2020

BHAZ -- 6/22/2020

(Photos Courtesy of Matthew Perdie)

It remains unclear how long BHAZ will remain intact.

President Trump addressed the chaos in D.C. as events continued to unfold on Monday.

“Numerous people arrested in D.C. for the disgraceful vandalism, in Lafayette Park, of the magnificent Statue of Andrew Jackson, in addition to the exterior defacing of St. John’s Church across the street,” the president wrote.

“10 years in prison under the Veteran’s Memorial Preservation Act,” he added. “Beware!”


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