Video — BLM Activist Likens ‘Privileged’ Officers to White Supremacists: ‘When White Men Rape Us, They Don’t Care’

A Black Lives Matter activist at Monday night’s protest in the nation’s capital took a few minutes to scold a line of officers who calmly stood, emotionless, as she likened them to white supremacists, accused them of being “privileged, and offered sweeping claims on white men, claiming that they “rape us” and “don’t care.”

“You see? It’s a bunch of white men. White men that can never understand what it feels like to be a black man,” the protester said, pointing to the line of officers before referring to George Floyd.

“You can never understand that shit, because you’re privileged. … You don’t even understand what the fuck it feels like to be born black in America,” she said, contending that the officers don’t understand what it is like to take a black infant from the hospital after birth because “they might die even as an infant.”

“Y’all don’t know that and you will never feel that. I don’t give a fuck if this is your job. I don’t respect you because all I know is you prioritize money over humanity and I will never respect anybody like that. Because you know who had that same ideology? Fucking white supremacists,” she continued.

While she admitted that there could be a “good white guy” among them, she quickly stated that she does not care, because she has “no respect for none of y’all.”

“So you might be the good white guy and you might be the white guy that understands it and gets it and whatever it is you may think, but at the end of the day, I have no respect for none of y’all,” she said.

“Everything you walk in, my taxes pay for that,” she added.

Her dramatic diatribe morphed into a complaint on the white race in general, claiming that the officers do not see her as a person and accusing white men of brutalization and rape.

“When I didn’t know any better, I actually respected cops because I thought your job was to take care of us. But guess what you do? You brutalize us. You don’t even see me as a person. I’m not a person to you. When white men rape us, they don’t care, because we’re just fucking pieces of meat right?” she yelled.

“I’m a black bitch with a big booty right? That’s what I am to you right? That’s all I am,” she continued, criticizing the officers for being on the “wrong side of history.”

“Ten years from now when history has changed and we have won, you’re going to have to fix your fucking kid and explain why you’re on the wrong side of history,” she said, wagging her finger in their faces while reading off their numbers.

“Everything white people have is because we gave it to you,” she continued.

“Why is it that your race gets off on fucking overempowering people?” she asked.

“Y’all have a problem. As a people, you don’t find your masculinity or your strength unless you’re oppressing somebody else. And you know what we call that? We call that misogyny,” she added.

Black officers also received a brunt of harassment from angry protesters on Monday night, with one demonstrator telling a black officer that her ancestors were “upset” with her.
Matt Perdie


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