‘Montana’ Footage in Lincoln Project Senate Ad Is Really from South Dakota

Bison, Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota
Ken Lund/Flickr

The Lincoln Project, a group of professional “Republican” political consultant malcontents, is attempting to elect a Democrat to the U.S. Senate from Montana and flip the majority to Chuck Schumer.

The group, headed by Rick Wilson and John Weaver, is backing failed presidential candidate and current Gov. Steve Bullock for the Senate seat, and they produced this ad:

The “Republican” group is hoping to defeat Republican Sen. Steve Daines in November, and the race is currently rated a “toss-up” by The Cook Political Report.

The ad features a voice-over with the quintessential western voice along with images of rolling plains and galloping bison.

As the voice-over says, “We’re known for our independence, our open spaces, and our strength,” the attached footage is implied to be from Montana.

However, the footage used by the D.C.-based firm is actually from South Dakota.

The close-up of one bison can be found on Pond 5, a stock footage website.

A simple search of “bison” yields several results, but the first one is the same as appears in the “Montana” ad.

The footage, which Pond 5 bills as “Bison Bull Adult Running Wind Cave National Park Summer,” is available to anyone — for just $79.

“The DC Never-Trumpers at the Lincoln Project are so mystified about life outside the Beltway that they confused South Dakota with Montana,” Joe Kildea, director of communications for Club for Growth, told Breitbart News.

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