Jesse Ventura Flirts with 2020 Independent Run for President

Jesse Ventura

Russia Today host and former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura may now mount an independent bid for president.

During a Friday night appearance on RT, Ventura claimed he is not running, but admitted he has seen the effort to draft him into a campaign.

“There’s a movement out there to elect me,” the World According to Jesse host said.

Ventura said a group attempting to recruit him took out a full-page ad in the “White Bear paper telling me this is happening and warning me to be ready to go.”

Admitting he didn’t know what was going to happen, Ventura conceded, “If I were to get into this race, my message would be simple: We need an independent right now because if Biden gets elected, or Trump gets reelected, the polarization is going to continue and it’s going to get worse.”

He theorized the way to get unity is for the “two gangs” — the Republican and Democrat parties — to “get a common enemy,” referring to himself.

Ventura said with an independent president, both parties would be “in bed together” making harmony.

Earlier in the appearance, he speculated Linda McMahon, the former WWE executive-turned-Trump administration official, is behind the federal response to the riots in Portland, Oregon.

“It’s all, maybe, being orchestrated right out of his campaign office,” Ventura said.

“Let’s remember something: Linda McMahon, the wife of Vince McMahon of the WWE, used to head his small businesses,” he said, referring to the Small Business Administration.

“She has now moved over, a while ago, to running and helping with his campaign. This has WWE written all over it,” Ventura said.

McMahon is now with America First Action, a Super PAC supporting Trump’s reelection.

Meanwhile, “People for Jesse” is attempting to draft Ventura into the race and published a video showing other examples of the former governor flirting with the prospect.

“I have a voice in the back of my head that says to me, ‘If not you then who?’ It’s there,” he said during an appearance on cable news.

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