Republican Senator Tim Scott: ‘I Believe in the Goodness of America’


Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) urged Americans to focus on the promise of America during his Monday speech at the Republican National Convention (RNC).

“We have work to do, but I believe in the goodness of America … the promise that all men and all women are created equal. And if you’re watching tonight, I’m betting you do too,” he said.

Scott also detailed his experience as a small business owner and his run for Congress in 2010:

The district is based in Charleston, South Carolina … where the Civil War started … against a son of our legendary Sen. Strom Thurmond. You may be asking yourself how does a poor black kid from a single-parent household run and win in a race crowded with Republicans against a Thurmond? Because of the evolution of the Southern heart. In an overwhelmingly white district, the voters judged me not on the color of my skin, but on the content of my character.

Americans would not give in to cancel culture “or the radical — and factually baseless — belief that things are worse today than in the 1860s or the 1960s,” Scott commented.

“We are not fully where we want to be, but I thank God Almighty we are not where we used to be!” he said, adding that America was always striving to be better.

He continued:

My grandfather’s 99th birthday would have been tomorrow. Growing up, he had to cross the street if a white person was coming. He suffered the indignity of being forced out of school as a third grader to pick cotton, and he never learned to read or write. Yet, he lived long enough to see his grandson become the first African American to be elected to both the United States House and the United States Senate in the history of this country.

“Our family went from cotton to Congress in one lifetime. And that’s why I believe the next American century can be better than the last,” Scott concluded.


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