Watch — Cuban American Whose Family Escaped Communism: AOC Should ‘Look into the Faces’ of People like My Parents

A Cuban American attending President Trump’s rally in Jacksonville, Florida, on Thursday said America “rescued” her parents from communist Cuba and that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) likely does not understand the ramifications of socialism and communism because she has not experienced them herself.

“I’m Cuban American. My parents escaped communist Cuba very shortly after the revolution,” Trump rally attendee Emi Chavez-Miller said.

“They were teenagers, and they made [it] essentially on their own waiting for the rest of their families to come here. They’ve worked very hard their whole life — four decades now, building a family and becoming American citizens and true patriots of America because they felt like America was a safe place for them and really rescued them from communism,” she explained, adding that she “absolutely just cannot stand to see our country move in a socialist direction” and will “go to [her] grave fighting that.”

Chavez-Miller said it is “hard” for her to comprehend how anyone in the country could advocate for socialist or communist policies given the carnage such systems leave behind.

“Sometimes, I feel they must be naive or uneducated,” she said of those who support such policies.

“In the case of AOC, she obviously is an educated person. I think her views are focused and targeted to her agenda and maybe — I don’t know. Maybe, her parents didn’t escape — or her herself — maybe didn’t actually escape socialism, and so, they don’t actually know how it feels and what it felt like to have military come grab you out of your home and go off on a plane with nothing,” she said, adding that she would “just love the chance to speak with her honestly.”

When asked what she would say to the New York lawmaker, Chavez-Miller said she would “ask her to look into the faces like my parents and explain to them why she thinks it [socialism, communism] would be successful here when it’s never been anywhere else.”


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