Nolte: Democrat Senate Candidate Cal Cunningham Caught in Sexting Scandal

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Cal Cunningham speaks to supporters during a primary election night party in Raleigh, N.C., Tuesday, March 3, 2020. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)
AP Photo/Gerry Broome

North Carolina Democrat U.S. Senate candidate Cal Cunningham, a married man with two children, has been caught sending lurid texts to Arlene Guzman Todd, a public relations strategist from California.

The Cunningham campaign has confirmed the sexual texts are authentic. The scandal was first reported by the National File.

What we have here is a sordid mix of John Edwards and Anthony Weiner.

“Would make my day to roll over and kiss you about now,” said one text message from the married Democrat.

In a text to him, Guzman wrote, “I have flexibility this month — done with school, training, big RFPs, etc. So the only thing I want on my to do list is you.”

“Sounds so hot and fun” was his reply.

“When can I see you? I want to kiss you,” she wrote in a separate text.

“And I kiss back. A lot,” he responded.

The date of the texts have not been substantiated, but one of his texts reads, “Nervous about the next 100 days,” which is probably about the upcoming election, which would mean the texts are recent.

The texts also read like two people who are in the middle of a hot and steamy sexual affair:

Cunningham is 47 years old and a lawyer. He and his wife have been together since 1997.

“I have hurt my family, disappointed my friends, and am deeply sorry. The first step in repairing those relationships is taking complete responsibility, which I do. I ask that my family’s privacy be respected in this personal matter,” Cunningham said in a statement.

“I remain grateful and humbled by the ongoing support that North Carolinians have extended in this campaign, and in the remaining weeks before this election I will continue to work to earn the opportunity to fight for the people of our state.”

Cunningham has been ahead in almost every poll for a race that could very well decide who controls the U.S. Senate.

Incumbent Republican Sen. Thom Tillis, who just tested positive for the coronavirus,  hasn’t led in a poll since June. Cunningham is currently up an average of six points in the RealClearPolitics poll of polls, and the overall trend shows Tillis sinking and Cunningham on the rise.

How this or Tillis’s 14-day coronavirus quarantine will affect the race is anyone’s guess.

I live in North Carolina. Tillis isn’t very well-liked, even among conservatives… But boy, oh, boy, does this Cunningham scandal bring back some North Carolina memories of another one of our senators: another young, handsome, married, Democrat attorney who cheated on a wife he’d been with for decades.

Remember John Edwards?

Do we really want to go through all that again?

Do we really want another drip-drip-drip Anthony Weiner sexting spectacle?

And how stupid and entitled does someone have to be to write down his adultery in a text? To hand that kind of material over to someone, especially if it was in the heat of the U.S. Senate campaign?

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