Watch: ‘Handmaids’ Chain Themselves to Bench at Supreme Court, Accuse Trump of ‘Stealing the Election’

Women dressed as handmaids chained themselves to a bench outside the Supreme Court on Thursday and accused President Trump of “stealing the election” as part of their “installation” representing purported voter suppression.

The women, who held signs reading “Trump/Pence OUT,” created an installation which one of the protesters described to the crowd.

“These are women dressed in the enslaving garb of the handmaids outfit representing theocracy and the enslavement of women. They are being put in chains, and the voting ballot— booth is going to be just out of their reach,” she said, proclaiming that it is “what is happening right now.”

“Donald Trump is stealing the election and suppressing votes,” she continued, claiming that Trump seeks to intimidate people at the voting booth.

A demonstrator could be heard describing herself as a “white middle class cisgender female” who has “no reason to be here other than everything that is happening in this country right now is wrong.”

“We have a right to our bodies. My body might not be in danger, but her body is in danger. And her body is in danger,” she continued, identifying herself as a military spouse.

“There is a difference between right and wrong, and we need to end the white supremacist fascism that is existing in this country,” she continued.

Another demonstrator warned against what happens “when you have people who are going to rely on a judicial philosophy such as originalism” and called the appointment “dangerous.”

It is “why we need to put an end to it and to all of the people that support that type of philosophy and that type of history,” she added.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to vote to advance Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination on October 22.


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