Supporters Chant ‘Superman’ as Donald Trump Recalls Fight with Coronavirus


President Donald Trump’s supporters chanted “Superman!” on Monday as the president recalled his fight with the coronavirus at a rally in Arizona.

The president recalled how he took an antibody treatment developed by Regeneron that helped him recover from the virus.

“I woke up the next morning and I was like, I felt like Superman,” Trump said. “Get me out of here, I said, ‘Get me out of here.'”

The crowd repeatedly chanted “Superman!” causing the president to pause with a chuckle and grin.

Trump tested positive for the virus on October 1 but returned to the campaign trail last week after beating it. He spoke to supporters in Tuscon, Arizona at a campaign rally.

The president said that he was working on getting the Food and Drug Administration to grant emergency use approval for the Regeneron drug to treat everyone in the country who had the virus.

“I’m telling you, it will be the same result and it’s free,” he said. “We’re going to do it free.”

Trump also promised to continue pressing for the development of the coronavirus vaccine.

“The vaccine will end the pandemic, but even without the vaccine, the pandemic will end,” Trump said.

The president warned that if former Vice President Joe Biden won, he would level more punishing coronavirus lockdowns.

“Biden’s lockdown will crush America. My plan will crush the virus and bring back the American dream,” Trump said.

He said that he was immune from the virus after he recovered, but noted that experts said the immunity would only last four months.

“By the way, you get it, like I say, here I am, I’m here, and now I’m immune,” he said. “I can jump into this audience and kiss every man and woman. I’m immune.”


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