Photos: 75,000-Car MAGA Parade in Miami; Hundreds of ‘Cray Sea for Trump’ MAGA Boaters in Jacksonville

Trump boat parade
Robert Candler/Facebook

Hundreds of boaters gathered for a pro-Trump boat parade on the waters near Jacksonville, Florida, over the weekend while thousands more Trump supporters turned out in Miami for another massive event on Monday.

Robert Candler shared photos with Breitbart News of the event dubbed “Cray Sea For Trump:”

“Hundreds of boats took to the water in Jacksonville on Sunday afternoon doing a parade on both the north and south Bank of Jacksonville’s Riverwalk,” Candler said.

“Supporters lined the bridges waving flags along with horns and signs,” he added.

“Just an awesome event supporting President Trump.”

Meanwhile, Twitter user @SandyForLiberty said an estimated 75,000 cars rallied for Trump in Miami on Monday:

Marc Caputo reported there were “miles of honking cars & trucks waving Trump & American flags.” He also said a resident was denouncing the “smattering” of Biden supporters as “communista!”

James Gagel said the parade was still rolling six hours later:

Other video showed a carnival-like atmosphere for Trump:

A recent Florida poll found the presidential race is neck-and-neck and that Trump has the support of 43 percent of Hispanics in the state.

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