Trump Delivers on His Promise, Posts Video of Biden Criticizing Fracking: ‘Here You Go,’ Joe

Trump Delivers on His Promise, Posts Video of Biden Criticizing Fracking: 'Here You Go,' Joe
ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

President Donald Trump delivered on his promise to post a video of Joe Biden expressing his negative views on fracking, highlighting the montage shortly after the second and final presidential debate concluded on Thursday night.

“Here you go @JoeBiden!” Trump tweeted alongside a video featuring both Biden and his running mate criticizing fracking and expressing their hopes to eliminate fossil fuel. The tweet is also featured on Trump’s campaign website.

The first clip featured in the montage shows Biden responding to the question, “Would there be any place for fossil fuels including coal and fracking in a Biden administration?” during a Democrat primary debate.

“No. We would work it out. We would make sure it’s eliminated and no more subsidies for either one of those,” Biden said.

The video also features Biden saying:

  • “I guarantee you, we’re going to end fossil fuel.”
  • “No-more, no new fracking.”
  • “I’d gradually move away from fracking.”
  • “They want to do the same thing I want to do. They want to phase out fossil fuels and we’re going to phase out fossil fuels.”

It also contains quotes from Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), who said:

  • “And I think it’s critically important on day one that we end any fossil fuel leases on public lands.”
  • “There’s no question I’m in favor of banning fracking.”

Trump posted the video after Biden asserted that he did not oppose fracking.

“I have never said I oppose fracking,” Biden said.

“You said it on tape,” Trump responded.

“Show the tape. Put it on your website,” Biden said, prompting Trump’s promise to do so.

“Put it on your website,” Biden repeated:

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany also responded to Biden’s dare, noting that Trump recently played a montage of Biden criticizing fracking at his rally in Pennsylvania mere days ago:


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