Wisconsin Resident: ‘Sleeper’ Trump Support Larger Now than 2016 – It’s a ‘Secret Society’

Matt Perdie / Breitbart News

A Wisconsin Trump supporter believes there is a swell of “sleeper” Trump supporters in the Badger State, describing it as almost a “secret society.”

“There’s a lot of sleeper support for Trump,” Bryce, a Wisconsin resident, told Breitbart News, describing his neighborhood as “diverse.”

“We have everything, and I said, well, after hearing that they were going to pack the court I finally said I’m putting my Trump flag up,” he said, adding that “dozens” of pro-Trump flags followed.

“Wouldn’t you know? Dozens in my neighborhood went up. The lesbian couple across the street — they’re very nice people; we love them — I didn’t think they’d ever put one up. They’ve got a Trump flag. There’s a lot of support that is sleeper support,” he continued.

Bryce said this election is different than others due to the riots and hate from progressives, causing Trump supporters to lay low.

“It’s like you gotta just ‘shh’ — just be cool,” he said. “Show up to the polls and vote you know.”

When asked if there is a bigger and stronger silent majority from 2016, he said there is “for sure.”

“It’s like it’s a secret but when you meet somebody else in the secret society that supports Trump — because you can’t do it publicly or people will rip you. You know,” Bryce said.

“I think there’s actually more of a groundswell now than there was because we didn’t know who the guy was. You know he’s brash; he’s rude. I don’t care,” he added.


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