Bernie Marcus: Trump’s Pandemic Response Is Far Superior to ‘Obama-Biden Stagnation’

Bernie Marcus/Facebook, Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty

Bernie Marcus — Chairman of the Marcus Foundation, founder of Job Creators Network, and retired co-founder of The Home Depot — argues that President Donald Trump’s handling of economic policy qualifies him for another four years in office, and the contrasting vision for the country’s future disqualifies former Vice President Joe Biden.

From Fox News:

President Trump has stared down COVID-19, the biggest threat this country has faced in at least a generation. If re-elected, he will quickly end this COVID nightmare and restart the American dream. Just look at Thursday’s record 33.1 percent GDP growth for the latest proof.

Trump deserves a second term not despite his COVID-19 response, but because of it. While Democrats try to blame Trump for the roughly 220,000 disease victims, far more would have perished if Joe Biden were in office.

Before COVID, Trump’s policies improved the wellbeing of the vast majority of Americans. The unemployment rate fell to historic lows, including record levels for Hispanic and Black workers. For the first time in recorded history, there were more available jobs nationwide than unemployed people to fill them. Ex-convicts, the disabled, and others on the labor market fringe were able to find work and meaning.

Undecided voters should ask themselves: Do I want to return to the pre-pandemic Trump nation or the Obama-Biden stagnation?

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