Nolte: Of Vote Fraud, Hard Evidence, and Swing State Margins

US President Donald Trump arrives to speak in the Brady Briefing Room at the White House i

Thus far, Team Trump had done a solid job laying the foundation to challenge the election, which is something the 70 million or so Americans who voted for President Trump deserve.

It is simply a fact that when vote fraud is discovered, more often than not, and for obvious reasons, it comes by way of mail-in ballots. In the past, that didn’t matter so much. Very few people voted by mail. This year, upwards of 50 percent voted by mail, and did so in crucial swing states, so we are right to be skeptical, right to demand transparency, right to want to be satisfied this was indeed a fair election.

We are also right to be highly suspicious and disgusted by a Democrat Party and national media who are fighting tooth and nail to oppose transparency and verification.

None of this, however, means that if Trump loses he will have lost because of fraud.

We just don’t know at this point.

But we deserve to know.

White House

In fact, we must know, which brings me back to my opening point about Team Trump laying the foundation to ask for recounts and a recanvassing, which are two different things.

A recount is just that. The ballots are recounted in the same way they were the first time. Recanvassing is a review of the vote totals in each county to ensure there were no clerical or inputting errors in the reporting of the number of votes for each candidate.

Once this is done, Trump’s only remaining option is to try and expose enough vote fraud to tip the election back to him. In other words, invalidate enough votes to put him over the top, and this is where we are definitely headed.

Team Trump and the president himself have so far been fearless in their claim the election was rigged, that the cheating, especially in Deep Blue Areas with all those mail-in ballots, was so widespread and brazen, it cost Trump his reelection.

This is why Team Trump continues to use the phrase “count every legal vote.”

That’s all good and perfectly valid. But if Trump is going to be successful here, now is the time to produce evidence, and a lot of it.

The campaign got off to a good start on Thursday with a criminal referral to the Department of Justice alleging 3,062 instances of vote fraud — specifically votes cast by people in Nevada after they apparently moved out of Nevada. Trump’s down by more than 10,000 votes there, but the GOP says more examples will be forthcoming and there are still votes left to be counted.

So yes, that’s good, a good start… But there is going to have to be more evidence of vote fraud, a whole lot more, and the “rigged” rhetoric needs to be replaced with evidence, evidence, evidence, and more evidence.

The fake media are running around right now trying to gaslight the country into believing there is no evidence of vote fraud. This needs to be shoved up their lying asses with evidence. The media have already been exposed and disgraced by the election results. We can’t let up on this righteous crusade of discrediting the media.

And then there’s the reality of the margins. Once the votes have all been counted, recounted, and recanvassed, if Biden is up by 30, 40, 50 thousand or more votes in some of these states, that’s a steep hill to climb, that might indeed be the outside the margin of fraud even if there was fraud.

Regardless, Trump has nothing to lose. He’s a sitting president behind the eight ball. This gives him enormous power and every reason in the world to use it for the good of the country to dig into these deliberately opaque deep blue areas and find out what the hell is going on.

We’ve come to accept the idea Democrats cheat, especially in urban areas. We make jokes about it. This is not healthy. If it’s happening, it needs to stop. Trump is now in a perfect position to blow the lid off anything that needs its lid blown off.

Worse case, we find no consequential vote fraud and 70 million of us feel better.

What’s the harm in that?

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