Poll: 46% of Americans Want Trump to Concede Right Away

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

A new poll suggests that a plurality of Americans want President Donald Trump to concede the presidential election “right away,” but the figure of 46% falls short of a majority.

The new Politico/Morning Consult poll of nearly 2,000 registered voters was conducted Nov. 13 to 16.

Politico notes:

The poll, published Tuesday, reports that 46 percent of registered voters think Trump should concede to Biden “right away.” That total includes 72 percent of Democrats surveyed, 43 percent of independents surveyed and 17 percent of Republicans surveyed.

Another 32 percent of registered voters say Trump should concede the election “eventually if he is unable to back up” his mass fraud claims. In favor of that position are 21 percent of Democratic respondents, 34 percent of independent respondents and 45 percent of Republican respondents.

But 12 percent of registered voters polled believe Trump should refuse to concede to Biden “no matter what” — including 3 percent of Democrats polled, 8 percent of independents polled and 27 percent of Republicans polled — while 9 percent of registered voters surveyed say they do not know or have no opinion.

Constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley observed:

Given the nine percent who have not reach a conclusion, the plurality still favors immediate concession, but that is still remarkably low given the unrelenting coverage and open hostility shown to the challenges from the outset. A majority either does not support an immediate concession or have not reached a conclusion on the need for such a concession.

If Biden was losing in these states and this campaign produced hundreds of affidavits of alleged irregularities, the media and the Democrats would be demanding that all challenges be heard and resolved in the interests of the democratic process.  I would be advocating supporting those calls as I did in 2004 when Democrats raised objections to the voting in states like Ohio.

In the past, it has been the media that helped unite us. We could trust that reporters have actively pursued allegations of wrongdoing. That trust is largely gone and so is the capacity for healing. That is the most chilling aspect of the Politico poll: a plurality wants an immediate concession, a majority does not . . . and one hundred percent remains divided on either what the truth is or how to find it.

In the poll, 62% said the election was “free and fair,” though 67% of Republicans said it was not.

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