Catholic League Lambastes Biden Pick of ‘Pro-Abortion Zealot’ for HHS Secretary

Xavier Becerra

Catholic League president Bill Donohue has denounced Joe Biden’s pick of “pro-abortion zealot” Xavier Becerra as Secretary of Health and Human Services, calling for all-out opposition to the appointment.

“It would be hard to find any public servant more anti-life and anti-religious liberty than Xavier Becerra,” Dr. Donohue wrote Tuesday, noting that his sole qualification for the job is his passion for expanding access to abortion.

“No abortion is more gruesome than partial-birth abortion procedures: it kills babies who are 80% born. This explains why the Congress banned it in 2003,” Donohue observes. “Becerra voted to keep it legal.”

“Not surprisingly, Becerra always gets a 100% rating from NARAL and Planned Parenthood; he merits a 0% rating from the National Right to Life,” he adds.

The Catholic Herald similarly noted that as Attorney General of California Becerra (pictured) was the one who “sued the Little Sisters of the Poor for refusing to accept the Obamacare contraception mandate.”

“Becerra spent years tormenting the Little Sisters of the Poor in court, trying to force them to pay for things like abortion pills against their consciences,” said Ashley McGuire, a senior fellow at the Catholic Association. “He also led efforts to force pro-life pregnancy resource centers to advertise for abortion.”

In his essay, Donohue notes that Becerra has no background in medicine or health but never misses a chance to strike out at the unborn.

“He said no to funding healthcare providers who refused to provide abortion information,” Donohue states. “He voted to fund abortion at home and abroad. He opposed banning partial-birth abortion. And he opposed a ban on transporting minors to get an abortion.”

When pro-life activists went undercover to film Planned Parenthood officials trafficking in aborted baby parts, Becerra brought felony charges against them, Donohue adds, “something so drastic that even the pro-abortion Los Angeles Times criticized him for ‘disturbing overreach.’”

“Becerra’s record on religious liberty is as extreme as his views on the sanctity of human life. As both a congressman and as attorney general, he has worked tirelessly to undermine conscience rights,” he writes.

“Not surprisingly, Becerra also objected to the religious exemptions sought by houses of worship during the Covid-19 pandemic,” he states. “No matter how draconian the restrictions on houses of worship, Becerra could be counted on to defend them, blithely disregarding their First Amendment rights.”

“On life and liberty, Becerra’s record is positively obscene,” Donohue concludes, calling on all Americans of good will to actively oppose his confirmation.


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