Video: Michigan Republican Electors Blocked from Entering Capitol by State Police

Republican Electors Turned Away at Michigan Statehouse

Michigan Republican electors were blocked from entering the state capitol by state police and prevented from casting alternative ballots for president.

State Rep. Daire Rendon (R) told Breitbart News she attempted to escort the Republican electors into the building, but they were prevented entry by a State Police trooper, who is at the direction of the governor.


The building was closed earlier in the day due to alleged “credible threats of violence,” Breitbart News previously reported.

“Republicans had chosen a slate of electors to be seated today as well,” Rendon said, a move that would not happen if “the election results are clear.”

Rendon is seen wearing a blue scarf with white stars in the video.

Because the outcome of election “is not clear due to all of the allegations of fraud,” she said, “The Republicans sent in their slate of electors, as well.”

But they never made it through the door, because a sergeant with the Michigan State Police barred their entry. Republican electors cast their ballots at the Michigan Republican Party headquarters in Lansing.

“I was the person that walked with them to help them get into the capitol because I’m a state legislator. I should be allowed to enter the state capitol,” Rendon told Breitbart News, to help them file their ballots with the Senate.

Rendon said in the four years she has been in the legislature, she has never been prevented from entering the capitol.

“I can’t imagine why we would ever ban a sitting representative or senator from the capitol grounds,” she said.

Despite it being a legislative building, Rendon noted, “The State Police operate at the command of the governor.”

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) has insisted there was no fraud in the election. She is currently serving as a co-chair for Joe Biden’s inaugural committee.

The sergeant blocking the doorway could be heard justifying the closure of the capitol by order of “the governor’s office,” among other entities.

When the Republican electors disputed the trooper’s claim, the sergeant said, “the governor’s staff” identified the electors who could gain entry.

Sixteen Democrat electors convened in the Senate chamber at 2:00 p.m. to cast ballots for former Vice President Joe Biden and California Sen. Kamala Harris.

Whitmer addressed the electors and Lt. Gov. Garland Gilchrist managed the proceedings.

Rendon said the Republican electors had “all of the paperwork to submit to the Senate floor, but the sergeant would not allow anyone to carry those ballots into the Senate, either. They shut us down all the way.”

She said Republican legislators will continue investigating allegations of election fraud.

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