Poll: Michelle Obama Named Most Admired Woman Third Year in a Row

Former US first lady Michelle Obama (C) smiles as she attends a side event for the Obama Foundation in Kuala Lumpur on December 12, 2019. (Photo by Mohd RASFAN / AFP) (Photo by MOHD RASFAN/AFP via Getty Images)
Mohd Rasfan/AFP/Getty Images

Former First Lady Michelle Obama has been named the most admired woman in America for the third consecutive year, according to a Gallup poll released Tuesday.

“Ten percent of Americans named Obama as their most-admired woman, followed by Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, the first woman elected to the office, with 6 percent,” the Hill reported.

First Lady Melania Trump got four percent of the vote and Oprah Winfrey received three percent. 

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Queen Elizabeth I all received 2 percent,” the article continued.

In addition, 18 percent of Americans surveyed named President Donald Trump as the most admired man.

“Trump tied former President Barack Obama for the honor last year but edged out his predecessor this year,” the Gallup poll said.

President Trump and Michelle Obama recently topped the lists of their respective party primaries for a hypothetical 2024 presidential run, Breitbart News reported December 15.

“Trump overwhelming led the pack with 56 percent support — a three-point jump from November’s survey,” the article read.

On the Democrat side, “Voters seemed less united on a singular candidate, though Michelle Obama saw the most support with 29 percent,” it continued.

In August, President Trump responded to the former first lady after a speech in which she lamented his presidency.

“Somebody please explain to Michelle Obama that Donald J. Trump would not be here, in the beautiful White House, if it weren’t for the job done by your husband, Barack Obama,” he tweeted.

In her speech, the former first lady said during her husband’s presidency “We were respected around the world, rallying our allies to confront climate change.”

“And our leaders had worked hand-in-hand with scientists to help prevent an Ebola outbreak from becoming a global pandemic,” she continued.

However, President Trump described the Obama/Biden response to the H1N1 Swine flu as “weak and pathetic.”

“Check out the polling, it’s really bad,” he noted, adding, “The big difference is that they got a free pass from the Corrupt Fake News Media!”



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