Bush, Obama DHS Chiefs Praise Joe Biden’s DHS Nominee

President-elect Joe Biden's Homeland Security Secretary nominee Alejandro Mayorkas speaks at The Queen theater, Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2020, in Wilmington, Del. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)
AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Four former homeland security chiefs have endorsed President-elect Joe Biden’s nominee for homeland security because he helped deliver work permits to roughly 800,000 illegal migrants.

“We each know [nominee Alejandro] Mayorkas as a man of character, integrity, experience and compassion … he helped create and administer the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals [DACA] program,” said the January 12 Washington Post op-ed by former DHS secretaries Tom Ridge, Michael Chertoff, Janet Napolitano, and Jeh Johnson.

The DACA program provided work permits to roughly 800,000 illegal migrants during the post-2008 economic recession, even as many millions of Americans had lost jobs, wages, and homes. 

“The president-elect could not have found a more qualified person to be the next homeland security secretary,” said the four former secretaries, all of whom worked for Presidents George W. Bush or President Barack Obama — despite evidence of multiple scandals in Mayorkas’ record.

“The swampiest of the swamp,” responded John Miano, a lawyer with the Immigration Law Reform Institute, who is suing to block some of Mayorkas’ pre-2017 policies. “Bush, Obama, Biden, it’s all the same cast of characters, destroying working Americans from the beginning, and they’re now getting back into power,” he said.

Mayorkas faces a fast-track confirmation hearing on January 19 before several GOP members, including Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio, Josh Hawley of Missouri, Mitt Romney of Utah, and Rick Scott of Florida.

When Mayorkas worked for Obama, “everything that came out of his office was to screw working Americans,” said Miano, whose lawsuits against Mayorkas’ cheap labor policies are still being passed back and forth among judges who do not want to rule against the visa worker programs. “That’s what we expect we’re going to be seeing from the Biden administration.”

The four secretaries will likely portray their op-ed as a favor to Mayorkas that can be repaid to clients by Mayorkas if he is confirmed, Miano added.

The four former DHS secretaries will have many opportunities to trade favors, in part, because they have been active supporters of the unpopular work visa programs, which allow CEOs to replace American graduates with cheap and compliant foreign workers. 

For example, Chertoff recently defended the visa worker programs that have pushed at least one million American graduates out of jobs. “I happen to believe there is a place for legal migration, and for people to be coming in temporarily with a visa to do work that Americans need to have done and that will not be done by American citizens,” he told Axios on December 18.

Until August 1, Napolitano was the chancellor of the huge Univerity of California system that opposed curbs on the award of visas and work permits to the foreign customers of the universities via the huge Optional Practical Training program that Chertoff helped to create.

Their op-ed denounced Trump’s DHS political priorities — which include the protection of Americans’ labor markets — saying, “DHS should not be beholden to a president’s political agenda; it exists for the protection of the American people on land, at sea, in the air and in cyberspace.”

The pro-migration agenda shared by the four authors and Mayorkas is being applauded by many establishment figures, including the multi-billion dollar widow of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Inc.

Migration is a boon for wealthy Americans because it moves money from employees to employers, from families to investors, from young to old, from children to their parents, from homebuyers to real estate investors, and from the central states to the coastal states.

Migration also allows investors and CEOs to skimp on labor-saving technology, sideline U.S. minorities, ignore disabled peopleexploit stoop labor in the fields, shortchange labor in the cities, impose tight control and pay cuts on American professionals.

Migration also helps corral technological innovation by minimizing the employment of American graduates, undermine  Americans’ labor rights, and redirect progressive journalists to cheerlead for Wall Street’s priorities and claims.

“The fact we have all these swamp creatures supporting him,” said Miano, “should tell us that he is an agent of the establishment who will screw the average working American.”


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