VP Kamala Harris Gets Push Back for Wearing Pricey, ‘Racist’ Dolce & Gabbana Outfit

US Vice President Kamala Harris (L) speaks with US Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen after a ceremonial swearing in at the White House on January 26, 2021, in Washington, DC. - The US Senate on Monday voted by a wide margin to confirm Janet Yellen as the first woman …

Vice President Kamala Harris, who along with President Joe Biden has promised to make “racial justice” a top priority is getting flack for wearing Dolce & Gabbana because the brand has been accused of racism.

“Harris was photographed wearing a polo-necked wool jumper from the Italian fashion house, with a grey checked blazer and trouser suit at swearing-in of Janet Yellen as treasury secretary,” CNN News 18 reported. “She was seen wearing the brand’s straight-leg houndstooth trousers during her second shot of covid vaccine.”

“However, her recent choice of clothes was pointed out by Vittoria Vignone, who runs the popular website Kamala’s Closet, that charts the VP’s outfit choices,” the news outlet reported. “Recently, Vigone questioned Harris’s pick and asked whether it was an honest oversight on her the part or she was unaware of D&G’s “problematic issues with race.”

The Business of Fashion website reported on the charges of racism the luxury brand faced:

• January 2007 — The Advertising Standards Authority, the British advertising regulatory board, banned a Dolce & Gabbana campaign depicting models brandishing knives and suffering from knife wounds after it draws over 160 complaints from the public.

• September 2012 — Dolce & Gabbana sent earrings with colonial-style imagery of black women down the catwalk at its Spring/Summer 2013 catwalk show. “There’s no denying they’re offensive,” reported The Guardian.

• March 2015 —The Italian fashion house Dolce and Gabbana said in an interview with Italian magazine Panorama that they are against the idea of gay parents.

CNN News 18 speculated to Vigone that Harris may not have been aware of the controversy:

“It’s possible but also incredibly sloppy,” Vigone said. “They could and should be better, especially after the triumphs of last week. The timing of this so soon after her inaugural choices championed lesser-known American designers of colour is awful no matter how you look at it.”

In an interview with The Guardian, Vigone expressed that it’s not “a good idea” for Harris to don so many expensive clothes in her first days as a vice president. She further added that Harris could’ve chosen some American brands, now that she represents the nation as the first woman VP, rather a foreign brand …“she and her team should care about the impact her choices have. For example she could lift up a smaller or more affordable business instantly,” Vigone said.

In 2018, Dolce and Gabbana was found embroiled in controversy and accusation of racism after they published a series of videos on social media. The outcry led to the cancellation of D&G’s fashion event in China. The series of advertisements for the brand showed a Chinese woman struggling to eat pizza, spaghetti and Cannoli with chopsticks. Not only did it infuriate fans of D&G but drew condemnation from Chinese celebrities on social media.

“She, along with other Democrat women, was seen wearing different shades of purple making it the color of the Biden-Harris inauguration,” CNN News 18 gushed. “Purple is often seen as a color of activism, a tribute to women’s fight for their rights and many more.”

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