Nolte: Hate Crimes and Mass Shootings Plague Democrat-Run Cities, Not MAGA Country

A protester breaks a window with a chair during a protest in downtown Los Angeles, Friday,
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Supporters of former President Donald Trump are regularly smeared by Democrats and the corporate media as violent racists, and yet almost all of America’s violence and racism occurs where Democrats are in charge.

Mass-shootings, gun violence, hate crimes, racism, violent crime, race hoaxes, dirty air, dirty water… Almost all of these terrible things happen almost exclusively in cities run by Democrats. In many cases, those cities have been run by a Democrat monopoly for decades.

Sure, there are exceptions, but those rare exceptions prove the rule.

Here’s an example…

CNNLOL claims there have been seven mass shootings in seven days. Well, six of the cities where those shootings occurred are run by Democrats. The seventh has only had a Republican mayor for about eight weeks. Before that, a Democrat was in charge.

You see, whenever I read about a hate crime or a shooting or an accusation of racism or stories about poisoned water or the systemic sexual abuse of women, while the fake media try to spin those terrible things into an American problem or a Republican problem, I always look up where they happened, and it’s almost always a Democrat-run city, a Democrat-run college campus, a Democrat-run Hollywood, or the Democrat-run media.

Most of the #MeToo stuff?

Democrat-run Hollywood and the Democrat-run media. Not MAGA Country.

Most of the hate crimes?

College campuses and Democrat-run cities. Not MAGA Country.

Dirty water, mass shootings, hate crimes, an epidemic of gun violence, riots?

Democrat-run cities. Not MAGA Country.

For a total of about 15 years, I lived in Los Angeles and the inner city of Milwaukee. All the terrible things that have ever happened to myself and my wife happened in those places. Our car was stolen, our apartment was robbed, a woman was murdered in front of our house, my wife was robbed at gunpoint, I got mugged… Democrats have run both those cities for decades.

But out here in MAGA Country where my wife and I now live, out here in Rural America, a place chock-full of the very people the Democrat party and corporate media smear as violent racists, life is sweet and peaceful and serene and safe and clean and tolerant.

How come the quality of life is so good in Rural America where we MAGAtards live and so unspeakably awful in cities run exclusively by Democrats?

My wife is a Mexican immigrant. We’ve lived in a small North Carolina town for a total of about 20 years. She’s never had a problem race-wise here. For a few years my next door neighbors were black. Never had a problem. We have a fairly substantial Hispanic population, but if there’s ever been a hate crime reported in my county, Google was unable to find it. That’s because almost all of America’s hate crimes occur in the cities where Democrats are in charge.

Out here in MAGA Country, where we are slandered as being anti-environment, our water is clean, our air is clean. So are our streets and parks and forests.

The only place I’ve ever lived where the water was dirty and the air was dirty, and the streets and parks were dirty, are Democrat-run cities. I was literally poisoned by the water in Milwaukee. My tongue turned black.

Get this…

Almost everyone I know out here in MAGA Country owns guns, and I mean a lot of guns (I own nine guns), and yet, even though we’re supposed to be the violent racists and guns are supposed to be the cause of gun violence, we don’t have a gun violence problem in Rural America. We don’t have mass shootings. Almost all of those things happen in Democrat-run cities.

When I hear about things like all these awful hate crimes against Asians-Americans in San Jose, a city that has been run by a Democrat monopoly for decades, I wonder why those good Asian folks don’t move out of those Democrat-run cities and move into MAGA Country, where people of all races can walk the streets safely?

Things aren’t perfect out here in MAGA Country. We have an opioid problem. What we don’t have is all the gun and gang violence that goes with drugs in Democrat-run cities.

Same is true for poverty. The poverty rate in my county is higher than the poverty rate in, for example, Democrat-run Baltimore. What we don’t have is all the crime and violence that comes with poverty in Democrat-run cities.

Although we proud MAGAtards are constantly attacked as intolerant and racist and violent and as haters of the environment, out here,  we live together peaceably in a clean environment where everyone is safe.

Let me make this simple for you…

Next time the fake media starts screaming about hate crimes, be sure to look up where the alleged hate crime happened. Same with mass shootings and sexual abuse scandals and racism allegations and race hoaxes and violent crime and race riots and all the other terrible things that happen in America.

What you’re going to discover is that almost every terrible thing that happens in America happens where Democrats are in charge.

By the way, that is not a coincidence.

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