Police: Oklahoma Stalker Attacked Woman, Shot Husband in Kidnapping Attempt

Justin Arthur-Ray Davis
Justin Arthur-Ray Davis/Tulsa Police Department

Authorities say Justin Arthur-Ray Davis stalked, then attempted to kidnap a former co-worker and her husband on Good Friday.

Officers of the Tulsa Police Department arrested Justin Arthur-Ray Davis on April 2, after an alleged kidnapping attempt of his former co-worker left her husband injured. Police say Davis was reported to have begun stalking an unnamed female co-worker after quitting his job at their mutual workplace. Afterward, Davis allegedly left “candy and food” on her doorstep and sat outside her home.

On Friday, as the woman’s husband was walking her to her vehicle before work, they spotted Davis once again. This time, authorities say, Davis grabbed a shotgun and charged the couple. They fled back into their apartment and closed the door, which Davis allegedly fired through — hitting the husband in the hand.

👮 KIDNAPPING – SWIK – 1st Degree Burglary👮On 04/02/2021, Good Friday, we responded to a call at 5000 S. Toledo Ave…

Posted by Tulsa Police Department on Saturday, April 3, 2021

Davis then reportedly grabbed the woman, assaulting her as he drug her down the stairs. Neighbors alerted by the noise of the attack called emergency services, watching the rest of the scene play out. The woman’s husband emerged from the building in pursuit, but Davis allegedly leveled the shotgun at him — threatening to shoot if his wife didn’t get into Davis’ truck.

Tulsa Police pursued the vehicle along Interstate 44, but said Davis lost control of his vehicle and crashed just off the East 21st Street exit. Officers at the scene recovered the shotgun and ammo. Davis was transported to the hospital with a head injury, then booked at Tulsa County Jail.

As of Monday, jail records show Davis remains held on a $300,000 bond. According to those records, he has been charged with first-degree burglary, stalking, kidnapping, assault and battery with a deadly weapon, pointing a deadly weapon with intent, and eluding.


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