Daniel Henninger: Joe Biden Has Turned Out More Radical than Bernie Sanders

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The Wall Street Journal‘s Daniel Henninger noted in a column Thursday that President Joe Biden has adopted policies more radical than socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), as he has sought to nationalize far more than just health care alone.

In his column, titled “Democrats Are Killing the American Dream,” Henninger notes that Biden’s policies promise lifetime support from a welfare state, rather than the traditional American model — and dream — of individual striving for success.

He writes:

Mr. Biden’s American Families Plan proposes four significant new federal entitlements: two years of free, universal prekindergarten; virtually free child care for all; a paid family and medical leave program; and two years of community college.

Nowhere will you find a Democrat calling these proposals what they are—entitlements like Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security.

Americans need to understand the realities of what Mr. Biden is offering them. Bernie Sanders wanted “Medicare for all,” but that applied only to healthcare. Mr. Biden’s reach goes beyond even Bernie, proposing what will become Medicaid for everything.

Medicaid is minimalist, bare-bones healthcare for the poor. Because of its scale and cost, it is necessarily lowest-common-denominator healthcare. When Joe Biden and the progressive Democratic Party demand “equity” everywhere, they are proposing a lowest-common-denominator society.

Henninger also points to a democratic problem. Biden presumes that “most Americans are ready to accept new middle-class entitlements as a substitute for centuries of individual striving.” But that question was never put to the American people — or, in fact, it was rejected by Democratic Party voters themselves, who chose the supposedly moderate Biden over Sanders.

“[T]hat turns out to be the true big steal in the 2020 election: Joe Biden never asked voters if they wanted to replace the American dream,” Henninger concludes. “He’s doing it anyway.”

Read Henninger’s full column here.

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