Rand Paul: ‘I’m Sick and Tired of the Violence Coming from the Left’

Tuesday, during an appearance on FNC’s “The Story,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) decried the double standard applied to the political right compared to the left on threats and violence.

Paul pointed to several examples where radical elements targeted conservatives, but the reaction from the media and the tech giants was minuscule compared to that given to when the sides are flipped.

“[F]or people like this songwriter from a long time ago that no one’s ever heard of, the thing is, is that hundreds of people on Twitter every day are wishing me violence, wishing my family violence, Twitter claims that they have a policy, but they don’t take it down,” he said. “They leave it up. Twitter has now announced today this guy doesn’t violate their policy. So, he’s allowed to offer to buy drinks to somebody. I almost died at one time from the infections and from the lung surgery that I had. And they’re allowed to go on Twitter every day. This company allows them to go. And it’s a private company, so they can do it if they want. But this is a private company that basically hates conservatives, hates Republicans.”

“They don’t want us on there. And, ultimately, the answer maybe is, Republicans need to just quit. We just need to leave it because, every day, they allow hundreds, if not thousands of people to wish me and my family violence,” Paul continued. “And, frankly, I’m tired of it. I’m just — I’m just tired of them allowing this. And I’m tired of them blaming it on the right. I was at the ball field when a Bernie Sanders shooter almost killed Steve Scalise, wounded five other people. So, I’m sick and tired of the violence coming from the left, but I’m sick and tired of the left-wing press then blaming it all on Donald Trump or on me or others. So, I’m tired of it.”

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