Eric Greitens: Kamala Harris Refusal to Visit Border a ‘Total Failure of Leadership’

In this May 23, 2017, file photo, Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens speaks to supporters during
AP Photo/Jeff Roberson

Former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens joined SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Saturday, where he discussed “RINO” Republicans who refuse to “stand up and fight” and Vice President Kamala Harris’s failed leadership as “border czar.”

“This is, unfortunately, an all too common story which your listeners have heard again and again, and that is of RINOs and establishment Republicans collapsing and caving due to pressure from the left,” Greitens told host Matthew Boyle, referencing a piece he wrote for Revolver News on how establishment Republicans “caved” in the Missouri state legislature when it came to honoring the late Missouri native Rush Limbaugh with a “Rush Limbaugh Day” on his birthday.

“Rush Limbaugh is a son of the state of Missouri,” Greitens added. “He did incredible things not only for the people of Missouri, but of course for the entire conservative movement. He was a pioneer, he was a leader.”

Greitens also reflected on a time when Limbaugh was the “only strong voice in the conservative fight,” crediting him with laying the foundation for conservative radio.

Greitens said the failure to preserve Limbaugh’s legacy in the state of Missouri is “just another indication of the fight that we have on our hands and that is for patriots across the country to step forward and make sure that we have fighters, people really willing to fight for people and conservative principles.”

“Every time we back establishment RINOs who want to cut deals with liberals and leftists, we lose,” Greitens said. “We’ve gotta start winning for the American people.”

In discussing current events and circumstances, Greitens noted that President Joe Biden’s administration and their efforts are “exploding the national deficit, exploding the federal debt.”

Describing the Democrats’ agenda, Greitens said, “Everybody can see their craziness coming.”

“You can see their craziness with open borders, you can see their craziness with the critical race theory, you can see their craziness with talking about boys playing girls’ sports, you can see their craziness on all these different issues,” Greitens said. “The problem is that we don’t have Republicans who will stand up and fight.”

Greitens also stated during his interview with Breitbart News that he would be visiting the southern border over the weekend to get a better “understanding of the crisis that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have created,” noting that Harris could be at the border “in a couple of hours.”

“She could be here in a couple of hours,” Greitens said. “This is a crisis which is affecting people all over the country. Not only border towns, not only border states, but it’s affecting the people of Missouri, because you see Mexican gangs and drug cartels have taken over our border, you’re seeing an increase in violence and drug problems.”

“All of this is happening because Kamala Harris hasn’t cut a few hours out of a single day to get down here and see it with her own eyes,” he added. “A complete and total failure of leadership.”

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