Exclusive – U.S. House Candidate Anthony Sabatini Calls for ‘Immigration Moratorium’ to Help ‘Working Class Americans’ Wages Rise

Anthony Sabatini
Sabatini for Congress

U.S. House Candidate and Florida State Rep. Anthony Sabatini (R) said on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Saturday with Breitbart News Washington Political Editor Matt Boyle that America needs an “immigration moratorium” to help “working class Americans.”

“I think our focus needs to be on creating a better immigration policy by creating an immigration moratorium, so that way we’re helping working class Americans and Floridians in our state,” Sabatini said about stagnant wages that are depressed by foreign labor.

Sabatini, who is running in Florida’s Seventh District against Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-FL), took dead aim at the radicalism of Murphy, saying she “represents the true globalist, corporatist type of Democrats” that, as Boyle noted, “voted with Nancy Pelosi 99% of the time” while in Congress.

Sabatini continued to say, “Stephanie Murphy is my diametrically opposite. I believe in the America First agenda… the one [agenda] I think the Republican Party needs to stick with, which is for American sovereignty, reforming our immigration system and an illegal immigration, no-amnesty, mandating E-Verify, and then focusing on limiting and cutting down on the power of radical government that interferes with every element of our lives.”

“So when it comes to immigration and these giant corporations,” Sabatini continued, “there are things that federal government needs to do, but historically, there’s a lot I don’t want it to do, I just want them to allow states like Florida to do their own thing.”

“There’s a popular t-shirt down here [Florida] ‘Make America Florida.’ And if the federal government let our states run ourselves, I think [they] would be in a better spot,” Sabatini said.

Boyle then directed the conversation back to Sabatini’s top five House race in the country, asking Sabatini why it is urgent Republicans win Florida’s Seventh District.

“If we don’t take the House back immediately and hopefully take this center in that exact same cycle, this next congressional cycle,” Sabatini explained, “then you weren’t really gonna lose the country… which I would characterize as a literal existential threat to our whole country.”

“I mean literally everything that we believe in, everything that we are, so we have to take the House back,” Sabatini concluded.

Sabatini filed to run against Murphy June 7 amid Florida’s congressional redistricting.

“BREAKING: Based on projected maps in Florida… this morning I OFFICIALLY filed for the new District 7 congressional seat. This pits my campaign against America-Last, corrupt Democrat @RepStephMurphy,” Sabatini tweeted, with a map that depicts in brown the preliminary new district.

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