Donald Trump Border Visit: Joe Biden Either ‘Incompetent’ or Actually Wants Open Borders

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and former President Donald Trump attend a briefing with state offi
Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via AP, Pool

Former President Donald Trump visited the southern border on Wednesday and questioned whether President Joe Biden and his administration actually wanted open borders.

“I mean the real question is, do they really want open borders? Or are they incompetent?” Trump asked after highlighting Biden’s failure to secure the southern border.

The former president spoke during an event on border security in Texas with Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX), Republican members of Congress, and law enforcement officials.

“There’s only two things, you’re either incompetent or for some reason you have a screw loose and you want to have open borders,” he said.

Trump recalled his own administration’s efforts to secure the border and to slow the flow of migrants coming into the United States through a series of diplomatic agreements with Latin American countries.

He said that under his administration, the United States had the most secure border in history.

“Now it’s opened up and don’t kid yourself, they’re coming in from the Middle East and they’re coming in and they’re bad,” Trump said, referring to reports in April of men from Yemen who were stopped at the border.

After taking office in January, President Joe Biden immediately rolled back many of Trump’s border policies, choosing to end the successful “Remain in Mexico” policy for migrants claiming asylum in the United States.

“We did a hell of a job. And we had it down to really a science, it was down to a point where people just weren’t getting in unless they came in legally,” Trump recalled.

He said if Biden had just left the tough policies in place, there would be no border crisis.

“All they had to do is go to the beach, if they went to the beach and did nothing, they would be fine,” Trump said.

The former president then traveled to the border spoke in front of the unfinished wall with Gov. Abbott, expressing his frustration with the results of the 2020 election.

“This wall would have been completed within two months, everything could have been completed. It would have been painted. Not sitting there rotting and rusting. It would have been perfecto,” he said


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