J.D. Vance: ‘Vaccine Passports Are a Disaster,’ ‘Slippery Slope’

FILE - In this undated photo, provided by NY Governor's Press Office on Saturday March 27, 2021, is the new "Excelsior Pass" app, a digital pass that people can download to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test. Vaccine passports being developed to verify COVID-19 immunization status and …
File Photo: New York Governor's Office via AP

Republican Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance joined SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Saturday, where he discussed new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) which recommends vaccinated Americans wear masks indoors in certain areas.

“The mask mandates and the vaccine mandates, especially the passports, are a total disaster,” Vance told host Matthew Boyle. “People should have the right to do what they want to do with what they put into their body, especially when we’re talking about a vaccine that’s only been around for six or seven months in the border population.”

Vance also said certain mandates create a “slippery slope” because “when you start telling people they can’t go to sporting events, they can’t go to the grocery store, they can’t live a normal life unless they do what public health experts want them to do, where does that lead?”

“The biggest public health crisis in our country is heart disease and you can find yourself in a situation where a couple of years down the road you can’t go to the grocery store if you haven’t gotten your Covid shot, but if you had fried chicken for dinner you can’t go to the grocery store either because that makes your likelihood of heart disease worse. I think the vaccine passports are a disaster,” he said.

Vance also suggested that public health officials are not being trusted because they are “talking out of both sides of their mouth,” saying “these people need to get their talking points in order” because “they are just embarrassing.” He said:

My worry is that this is all about control. This is what Covid has been about. They saw an excuse to take control of their lives. When it’s useful to them, Covid is the worst crisis in the world, when it’s not useful to them they’re not talking about Covid. I really think that’s what it’s about… empowering the bureaucrats and empowering, frankly, the mega corporations that take more and more control over our lives.

Vance discussed the “psychological effect” from having children wear face masks in school, saying the kids are “not being able to see other kids smile and be constantly reminded that [they] might get a disease.”

“This is just not normal,” Vance said. “This is mask social experimentation on our kids. At the same time, they’re letting thousands of Covid positive illegal immigrants walk across the southern border. This doesn’t make any sense. We’re gonna make life harder for our own kids and we’re gonna let a bunch of Covid positive illegal immigrants spread the disease in our population? These people are so obviously full of it.”

Vance, the author of Hillbilly Elegy, also stressed concerns over potential efforts to alter the rules around absentee balloting and how elections are conducted.

“We could find ourselves in a country where we have a six month election season all via absentee balloting, all without any signature verification, basically as far as the eye can see because they’re never going to let us go back to normal. Not in our personal lives, not in our financial lives, not in our health lives, and it appears not in our electoral lives either,” he said.

Vance suggested that certain mandates are stemming from America’s “mega companies” who are “saying you’re not going to be able to work, you’re not going to be able to go to the grocery store, you’re not going to live a normal life unless you do the things they want you to do.”

Vance also said the “enforcement mechanism is going to be the tech sector,” which will “collect data on us” and assist the corporate classroom and “control how we live our lives.”

To listen to Vance’s full interview with Breitbart News, click here.

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