Exclusive–Kash Patel Launches Legal ‘Offense’ Trust to Fight Establishment Media, Big Tech

Kash Patel Official White House Photo
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Kash Patel, one of the Trump administration’s fiercest warriors, is launching a legal “offense” trust to fight back against Big Tech and the establishment media and to help others who have faced defamation or have had their speech suppressed, Breitbart News has learned exclusively.

Patel, former deputy assistant to President Donald Trump and chief of staff for the Department of Defense, first made a name in Trump world as a House Intelligence Committee investigator who exposed the Russia Collusion Hoax and Hillary Clinton’s role in pushing the pee-dossier, and he has been a liberal bogeyman ever since. He has sued CNN and Politico for defamation. Those lawsuits were slowed by the coronavirus outbreak but are still ongoing.

Twitter may be his next target. The company has refused to take down an account impersonating him, despite multiple appeals and complaints and impersonation being a violation of its terms of service, according to its own website. The account has nearly 30,000 followers.

Patel told the Washington Times in June: “Twitter is transparently violating its own rules about parody accounts in order to allow this account to remain active. Twitter carefully protects Democrats from this kind of abuse, but when it comes to conservatives, it’s open season.”

And Patel knows he is hardly alone when it comes to the establishment media and Big Tech’s unequal treatment of conservatives and liberals and what counts as defamation, and wants to use the funds to help as many as he can, who also want to fight back but may not have the means.

“I’m launching this site to help conservatives fight back against speech suppression/defamation by leftwing activists, mainstream media reporters, and tech giants — but I repeat myself,” Patel told Breitbart News on Thursday.

Patel said the majority of the money will go to other people, and those interested in pursuing legal cases should contact him directly. He said he already has a huge network of lawyers who can take on cases.

“The purpose is to help everyone fight back. I’ll just be the vehicle,” he said.

Former Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, another one of the former president’s top warriors, applauded Patel’s announcement.

“It is imperative that conservatives fight back against Big Tech. We can’t stay silent. I am glad to see Kash helping people fight back in courts,” Grenell said in a statement to Breitbart News.

Patel purposely characterized the trust as a legal “offense” trust versus a legal “defense” trust.

Patel states on the website: “I’m done playing defense. It’s time to go on the offensive! That’s why I’m fighting back. But to win, I NEED your support to continue funding a top-notch legal team. So, make a gift now to help me strike a major blow to the far-Left media and Big Tech!”

Donations can be made online at FightwithKash.com. The money will go though the fundraising clearing house WinRed and then to a trust account, which can be used for valid legal expenses.

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